What If The Food System Started Over?

If you were to look back on your diet as a child you’d probably be met with memories of chicken nuggets, happy meals, hot dogs and nachos. Back then, if it was cheap and tasted good it was good eating. Unfortunately this thought process led to unjust food systems that focused less on health and ethics, and more on speed and numbers. These days things are way more different. Especially we take a look into San Francisco based company, Eat Just and their revolutionary plant based range.

Eat Just’s Scrambled Eggs / Eat Just

The Change

Across the sphere of the food industry, there exists just a handful of ingredients that seem to show up in nearly everything. These include soy, corn, processed sugar and animal proteins. These key sources have become staple ingredients in the food we eat, which wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t responsible for the majority of crisis’ we are currently facing. From animal agriculture emissions and deforestation to obesity and chronic diseases – This limited list of ingredients is impacting our world in a dire way.

So here’s the deal. We need to find solutions that produce healthier, sustainable food that is also affordable and delicious.

The Solution

Meet Eat Just, A food manufacturing company consisting of biologists, food engineers and Michelin star chefs – All of whom are working together to innovate sustainable foods like their revolutionary plant based scrambled eggs. Golden yellow on the outside and soft like a cloud, it’s incredibly difficult to tell this and a regular egg apart. The secret lies in the recipe, one that has been thoughtfully put together including mung beans for the egg like consistency and turmeric for the natural golden hue.

Responses from the public have been exceptional. Eat Just and their plant based eggs are now available almost anywhere. From West Hollywood to Mexico City grocery aisles and the bustling streets of Hong Kong there shows no signs of stopping. Just take a look at this google trends chart for the search term “Plant Based Eggs”. Note: The sudden drop off from March may be due to the impacts of Covid-19 on the economy.

To date, the company has proudly announced it's astonishing environmental impacts. "As of August 2020, we have sold the equivalent of more than 50 million eggs — all made from plants. Our plant-based JUST Egg uses 98% less water, has a 93% smaller carbon footprint and uses 86% less land than conventional animal sources." furthermore "We've saved about 7.5 million kgs of CO2e, 3,000 acres of land and 1.9 billion gallons of water."

Now What?

The company as a whole brings up a rather interesting thought. What if every manufacturer put aside the thought of immediate profit, and instead began their journey with a solution. Surprisingly, most brands do care, and genuinely do have the intention to improve the lives of their customers. But challenging the status quo, trying unconventional methods and testing the tolerance of consumers is risky business. Thankfully consumers, economies and the planet are now at a period in history where they're accepting those who are trying to shrink the area between compromise and sustainability.

So what now? Eat Just describes the whole situation best.

The truth is you get three votes for the planet every day — breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now it's your turn to reward the people who are innovating on behalf of all of us. You can use their website to locate the nearest outlets for their food items by clicking here.

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