Vegan honey – Could this be the future of honey?

You’ve heard of plant based alternatives for meat, eggs and dairy but plant based honey, that one may be less familiar.

.To clear the ice, we’re not talking about maple syrup or molasses, we mean honey that is molecularly identical to the real non-plant based honey, just minus the bees. Could this be the future of honey?

California-based startup, MeliBio, Inc. is dedicating their work to making molecularly identical honey including the same scrumptious taste and superfood benefits minus the dangerous effect that commercial bee farming has on our biodiversity.

Researchers are raising alarms around the reduction in pollinators such as the wild bees, and with close to three-quarters of the world’s food crops being reliant on them, their declining numbers can cause serious repercussions for food security, globally. A recent U.S study, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, wrote that cherries, apples and blueberry crops are now declining”.

The commercial bee farming industry needs more sustainability innovators like MeliBio fighting towards a mission to protect not only the pollinator populations but to create better honey for humans and bees.

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  • Samantha Koren

    How clever we have become, hopefully this will be the way of the future.


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