Top 5 Foods You Can Eat For An Eco Friendly Diet

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle and want some tips to help you eat more sustainably too? You’ve come to the right place! These are our top 5 sustainable foods.

1. Lentils.

Lentils have a low carbon footprint by requiring little water to grow – 43 times less than beef. In addition, they also fortify and clean the soil so crops can grow more easily. 

2. Figs

These are one of the toughest crops on the planet! Throughout our ecosystems they act as linchpins, meaning they grow throughout all 4 seasons and act as an important food source for many animals.

3. Muscles

These are harvested on long collector ropes suspended in oceans where they eat food that naturally occurs in the water. During this stage, they filter and clean the water and extract carbon.

4. Oysters

We often find that this topic can be greatly debated– are oysters considered to be vegans/plant based? Some would say yes. This is based upon the reason that they don’t have a central nervous system, so they don’t feel pain the way other animals or humans would.

In terms of sustainability, by cleaning, filtering and purifying the water oysters help to remove pollution, maintain the balance of the eco system and enables sea life to flourish. 

5. Learn How To Make Compost

By choosing organic produce it reduces toxic chemicals that enter into our water and helps to rebuild soil. Choosing local reduces mass production of food and leads to less food waste.

Also look out for various logos on food packaging to make sure the food is produced and sourced sustainably.

These include buying fairtrade which helps to the protect farmers and workers in developing countries, Freedom Food (animal welfare), RSPO (palm oil) ASC and MSC (seafood)

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