Sustainability In Singapore Creates Over 50,000 New Jobs

Ever since the famed garden covered buildings. Singapore has always been leading the movement of climate friendly cities.

Now their sustainable development goals have opened the flood gates to more than 50,000 eco-friendly jobs over the next decade.

The major push for sustainable growth was addressed by president Halimah Yacob and will be championed by the government’s minister for sustainability and the environment, Grace Fu.

“In a global landscape characterised by pandemics, climate change, and resource constraints, sustainability has become increasingly important.” says Fu.

Grace Fu , Minister For Sustainability And The Environment

What Types Of Jobs Are Being Created?

Singapore is looking for a multitude of specialities that combine modern processes as well as key touch points in the community.

These categories include newly developed urban agriculture tech, aquaculture, and scholarships for climate sciences to build the capacity of the local workforce.

Minister Grace Fu visits I.F.F.I, an indoor vegetable farm that uses AI to achieve optimum growing conditions all year round / Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment

Overall the Fu’s strategy is to increase it’s capacity to be self sustaining by supporting the growth of high-tech agricultural businesses.

Not only will this boost resilience of the cities food supply, but will also promote the economies global domestic product output. The best part is it’s all done sustainably.

Sky Greens, hydraulic driven vertical farm

Take for example Sky Greens, the world’s first low carbon, hydraulic driven vertical farm.

It uses green urban solutions to achieve production of safe, fresh and delicious vegetables, with minimal impact on land, water and energy resources through it’s vertical design.

Grace Fu at a visit to Comcrop /  Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment

A Leading Example

In the wake of Covid-19, many leaders focused their economic recovery plans towards returning back to normal.

Singapores approach to a post covid future is much more creative and open minded. The government didn’t want to return back to normal, they want to paint a new norm. One that showed that economic and environmental growth could go hand in hand.

““We will encourage and support companies to reduce their carbon footprint and explore new private-public collaborations to make Singapore a leading example of how economic prosperity and environmental sustainability can go hand-in-hand.” Says Fu.

If we had to make a bet, we’d Singapore may just be the world first true utopia.

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