New York Says Goodbye To Plastic Bags

After months, New York’s Environmental Conservation Commissioner Basil Seggos has finally begun enforcing the ban on single use plastic bags from October 19.

Cleaning Day / Photo By Krisztina Papp

Why Did It Take So Long?

New York’s ban on single use plastics was introduced in March of 2020 and was welcomed by the community as the next step towards dealing with pesky plastics.

However, certain plastic manufacturers weren’t to happy about the decision and attempted to halt the ban via a lawsuit filed in Albany Supreme Court.

Man Holds Plastic Bags On The Last Day Before The Ban / Photo By Eldar Nazarov

Luckily many of the arguments put forward by the plastic manufacturers were struck down by Acting Supreme Court Justice Gerald Connolly.

Connolly even green lit the states single use plastic ban on terms that businesses could at least be given 1 month to prepare procedures for introducing reusable packaging into their workflow.

Woman Using a Reusable Bag / Photo By Anna Elizabeth

After many months, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is now promoting the residents of New York to go green and begin shopping with reusable bags.

Similar initiatives are now happening in places all over the globe, such as South Australia, Honolulu, Bali, Netherlands and Costa Rica. It seems the era of the plastic bag is finally coming to an end. Good job humans.

Photo By Mateusz Majewski

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