Combining art with sustainability

We talk about algae A LOT – and today is no exception. What you’re looking at is an indoor micro farm/art piece designed by Hyunseok An.

The living art piece was designed to introduce algae into our everyday lives via a wall mounted bioreactor that can be used to grow your own nutritious spirulina (or other types of edible algae) whenever you like.

Now, let’s talk about the design.

Photo Credit: Hyunseok An

The algae has a bi-weekly cycle and each cell takes two weeks to replenish after harvesting. The design changes colour starting from transparent to light green, to mint, and once it reaches a colour that resembles a dark forest green, the algae is now ready to be consumed. 

When the dark green colour approaches, it holds your daily intake of algae (2 grams).  

This means that you can grow and eat the algae each day!

Each cell is designed to resemble coral, which is purposed to highlight the algae’s benefit preventing coral bleaching. The cell’s vibrancy increases as the algae grows, aimed to resemble the “revitalisation of coral”.

Here’s some fun facts about algae? 

-Algae is considered to be one of the most efficient carbon dioxide absorbers, absorbing 10 times greater CO2 than terrestrial plants. 

-During the 1974 UN World Food Conference, algae was considered to be “the most ideal food for mankind”.

-Algae is even used as a part of NASA’s variety of supplements as it’s composed of rich and well-balanced nutritional content, for those undertaking long-term space missions. 

-It’s no secret that algae may not be the nicest or tastiest superfood, so An designed this bioreactor to be “more appealing, encouraging people to welcome it into their homes”.

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