Veggie flatbread

Art Focaccia


  • 1kg Bread Flour
  • 750ml Warm Water
  • 1 Sachet (7g) Dried Yeast
  • Big Pinch Salt
  • Big Pinch Sugar

Step 1

Firstly, preheat the oven to 200°C. Place everything in a bowl, bring it together, empty onto a counter top and knead for 10 minutes. Place in a oiled bowl and cover with a wet cloth. Let it rise for 1 hour.

Step 2

Once it has risen knock out the air. This is a focaccia bread so we want to shape it into the size of a baking tray. With your palms or a rolling pin, roll it into a rectangle or something close to it. Oil the baking tray you are going to use place the dough on top and stretch it out with your hands until it fills the space nicely, cover again and let rise for another 45 min.

Step 3

After 45 mins, take the cloth off the bread. It should be nice and plump by this stage. If it isn’t, just let it rest some more.

Step 4

The artwork part is awesome. All the veggies in your fridge that are either going south or have been unused can go on top. There are so many options. It is a great way to use up so many things in the fridge. For example, I used rainbow chard stems, cherry tomatoes, beetroot, pumpkin, broccoli. You could add herbs, carrot, potato, sweet potato, the list goes on.

Step 5

Be sure once you have created your masterpiece that you pour a strong amount of olive oil over the top. This is what will give you beautiful crisp edges. Also top it with salt and you are ready to bake for 30 minutes or until nice and golden on top.

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