6 Creative Ways To Reuse Food Scraps And Leftovers

In a bid to reduce food waste in our homes, here are some simple ideas you can adopt every day. 

1. Cauliflower leaves.

I’m sure at one point in time, we have all been guilty of peeling and removing the cauliflower leaves from the cauli itself, (well I know I have).

Instead, collect as many leaves as you can and roast them in the oven until crispy, adding as much flavour as you like! It tastes pretty good when adding a good serving of oil and salt.

2. Use The Pulp From Freshly Squeezed Juices

While the juice is typically so satisfying to drink, I can’t help but think how much pulp is wasted. Yes, you can put it towards your compost (which is totally fine), or instead try making something like a cake or muffins from it.

Our favourite is after making carrot juice, to use the pulp inside a carrot cake! If carrot cake isn’t your thang, try freezing the pulp and using it as stock in your fave soup, carrot and celery work really well together. 

3. Coffee Grinds

Fortunately, there are many uses for leftover coffee grinds! How can I reuse coffee grinds you may ask?

Well, you can use it as a body scrub by adding a little bit of coconut oil and sugar, or using them to add a nice smelling scent in your bins, to using them as nourishment for your plants in the garden.

4. Get A Kitchen Compost Bin

Figuring out what to do with spare vegetable or fruit peels can be a pain. Most of the time we end up throwing them in the garbage to save us the hassle. But one of the best tips we’ve found for changing that is to pick up a small kitchen sized compost bin.

These little compost bins are lifesavers and super easy as they’re right on the countertop. You’ll find it’ll be full in a few days. Then you can throw the contents in your compost pile.

5. Learn How To Make Compost

Continuing on from the last tip, compost piles are super important. Especially if you grow your own vegetables in the garden. They allow you to transform the old organic scraps into fuel for growing your own crops.

To make a compost pile check out our post on how to compost.

6. Fermentation. 

This method is great, it has been around for centuries and it can be so widely used across many fruits and veggies.

At the sight of food starting to become limp or dull, instead of throwing them away try and create simple ferments. From making your own kimchi, to sauerkraut to hot chilli sauce and kombucha the list is endless! Our friend Mandy Hall Food has some great ideas for fermentation on her IG. 

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